Music Lessons

At Raagini we follow a disciplined, yet gradual, step-by-step process in getting you from what you know and are capable of achieving in terms of singing, to what you want to know and would like to achieve. 


Sajali Roy has specialised in teaching classical music for over 20 years, helping students train their voices and build their confidence in singing and performing in front of a live audience. In the personalised private music lessons, you will be trained via one of the toughest genres of music: Indian (Hindustani) Classical Music. 


For personalised music lessons to address your unique needs, tailoring your vocal training based on any previous music history, your age range, gender, languages spoken, get in touch.


Students are trained to the extent that they are confident and capable of performing on stage in front of a live audience. 

Virtual Classes

Have a chat with us, download Skype and schedule a time for your lesson, sort out the payment and you're good to go...

5 Key Stages 

Gain new skills in training your vocal chords in a group class or individually with Sajali. You’ll receive constant supervision and guidance.


Once you are ready to start, here are the basics that you need to understand and practice the end-to-end process of learning how to sing.

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