When taking music lessons at Raagini, you will be familiarised with 3 key musical instruments that will be used to train you in Rhythm (Taal), Tempo, Pitch, Scales and help you expand your ability to perfect your independent singing performances.


Traditionally these instruments were heavy and could take up a lot of space and cost a lot of money to source and bring home. Thanks to technology, we now have electronic versions of the Tabla and Taanpura that (although not as impressive to look at) can be used as an aide while learning how to sing Indian Classical Music. However, the Harmonium is still used in its traditional format. 


A tanpura us a stringed instrument that resembles the shape of a sitar, however is much simpler to play. These typically have five or six strings that create resonance based on which strings are plucked in sequence. 


Originating from Europe, the Harmonium is now the most popular accompanying instrument in Indian Classical Music since the British introduced them to India.


The tabla is a percussion instrument (effectively a drum) used predominantly in Indian classical music and even in some other Asian subcontinents such as Indonesia. 

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